UFC 247 Free Fight: Dominick Reyes vs Jared Cannonier – UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Dominick Reyes continued his climb up the light heavyweight ranks with a victory over Jared Cannonier at Fight Night Santiago in 2018. Reyes challenges Jon Jones in the championship main event of UFC 247 on Saturday, February 8. Subscribe to get all the late… [+630 Coronavirus]

Two Satellites Could Smash Into Each Other Over the U.S. Tonight – Gizmodo

A pair of decommissioned satellites are at risk of colliding later today, potentially producing hundreds if not thousands of new pieces of space debris. Regardless of what happens, however, this incident illustrates our dire need for sensible space management… [+5999 PravdaZaDavida]

Due To New California Law, Uber Allows Some Drivers To Set Their Own Rates – NPR

Travelers wait at the ride-share pickup location at Sacramento International Airport. Uber is allowing drivers at three California airports to set their own fares. Scott Rodd/Capital Public Radio Uber is testing a new feature in California that allows some … [+2888 How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2020)]

Record Two iPhone Cameras at Once With This Free iOS App – Lifehacker

iOS: All you need to create interesting, high-quality video content these days is a smartphone. With the right apps, what used to require extra gear and software can mostly all be done on a single iPhoneincluding recording multiple shots simultaneously. Thats… [+1315 How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2020)_]

Official renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leak in black and purple, full specs surface – GSMArena.com news – GSMArena.com

As phone makers continue to push new foldable form factors, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is turning out to be one of the most hyped devices for this year. Following the success and attention of the Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has already been under th… [+3501 Lead Lightning – Why you need […]

‘Curious and curiouser!’ Meteorite chunk contains unexpected evidence of presolar grains – Phys.org

An unusual chunk in a meteorite may contain a surprising bit of space history, based on new research from Washington University in St. Louis. Presolar grainstiny bits of solid interstellar material formed before the sun was bornare sometimes found in primiti… [+3927 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

Wuhan Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak – The New York Times

The Wuhan coronavirus has sickened more than 4,500 people in Asia, according to statements from health officials. Many other cases are suspected but not confirmed. As of Tuesday morning, at least 106 people have died, all in China. Sources: The Center for Sy… [+2870 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

MLB rumors: Red Sox moving closer to dealing Mookie Betts; Cubs pick up former Brewers reliever – CBS Sports

We’re almost to February, which is the month spring training begins, so baseball fans everywhere can start dreaming of opening day while getting through the January dreariness. With Nick Castellanos having officially signed with the Reds, the last remaining b… [+4118 MLM Gateway]